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The Executive Transportation Group

1440 39th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Tel:  (718) 438-1100
Fax:  (718) 438-2930
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    Please do not email us for quotes or reservations, call one of our friendly operators at the below numbers for immediate service.

 Metropolitan NY Companies
   Executive Sedan Services
     BlueLine - 800-344-2583
     Avalon - 800-644-1654
   Hybrid Vehicles
     NYC Green & ETG Green - 718-249-1252
   Corporate Sedan ("Black Cars") Level
     Ace - 800-852-8609
     All City - 718-402-0195
     Allen - 877-602-5536
     Bell - 800-344-3974
     Citywide - 718-944-4949
     Fone-A-Car - 718-788-0099
     Love - 800-972-7270
     NY One - 800-438-3830
     Summit - 800-826-6565

New Jersey
    Corporate Sedan Level
     Newport - 800-572-7270

Love Taxi, Inc. /Executive Charge - 212-691-1234

For Ground Transportation RFP submissions, please contact us at

TLC Bases affiliated with ETG: Ace Car & Limousine service, Inc. - B00888, All City Corporate Car, Inc. - B00277, Avalon Corporate Car, Inc.- B02003, Bell Radio, Inc. - B00381, Love Corp Car, Inc.- B00013, Love Limousine NYC Ltd.- B00306, Minutemen - B00280, N.Y. One Corporate Car Inc. - B00014, Summit Corporate Car Inc. - B00608, Tel-A-Car of New York, LLC - B01197, Fone-a-Car - B00411, Online Limousine, LLC - B01875, Prime Time Trans. Inc. - B00296 , Westchester Acquisition Corp. B02345, Vital Transportation Inc. B00789

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